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    Legal notice

    Regulations and access conditions of Meihua website

    Following regulations are applicable to all visitors and users that access the website; Meihua group reserves the right to revise these regulations. The rights to access the website are specified by Meihua according to the following clauses. If you do not agree with any of the following clauses, please stop accessing the web immediately. For any actions that violate these regulations, Meihua is entitled to take any legal remedial measures.

    Declaration for liability exemption

    The material and information loaded in the web include but are not limited to text, picture, data, points, suggestion, webpage or links. Although Meihua tries to provide accurate material and information, it can’t guarantee the accuracy, completion, adequacy and reliability of these material and content, and clearly declares that it doesn’t assume responsibility for errors or omitting of these material and content and doesn’t give any guarantee for these material and content, including but not limited to the guarantee about ownership assurance, not violating the rights of the third parties, quality and no computer virus.

    Meihua has right to revise the content of the web at any time without any notification and prompting. In order to get the latest version information, please regularly access our website. Meihua doesn’t provide any declaration, promise or recognition for the production, service or information provided in the website; all sold product and service should be restrained by the sales contract and clauses of our company.

    Copyright description

    All material or content is protected by copyright law, all copyright belongs to Meihua; without written authorization of Meihua, anyone should not copy, sell, reprint, play, revise, imitate the content of the web or use it in any commercial purpose without permission of Meihua.


    All trademarks used or displayed in meihua website belong to Meihua or its branches or subsidiary cooperates. Without any permission in written form, anyone should not use the name of Meihua or Meihua trademark, identification.

    Provided product or service

    Because of the internationalism and national boundless of the internet, the information provided in the web is also with internationalism, not all product or service mentioned in the web are also provided in your countries, please contact with local marketing representative or commercial agent to get knowledge of the product or service provided in your countries.

    Link of the third party

    The web may reserve the link with the website or URL from the third party, which is only a continent service for you, doesn’t indicate accreditation or recommendation of Meihua for this information. Meihua has never reviewed or control these third party websites, so that Meihua doesn’t undertake any relevant responsibility. Accessing these webs is on your decision. Meanwhile, Meihua doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, completion, adequacy and reliability of any information, data, points, image, statement or advices from the third party’s web.

    Applicable laws and right of jurisdiction

    If you access the website, it is means that you have agreed that the accessing action is subject to the restraint of Law of the People's Republic of China and you have agreed with the jurisdiction of court of the People's Republic of China

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