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    The inspection process

    1 Prepare sample is as follows

    1) Each testing sample requirement for 300-500g or 300-500mL.

    2) If you have special requirements, sample before inspection need to tell the customer service, so that your samples can be stored effectively.

    2 You can choose to send samples or direct service

    Address: Langfang economic and technological development zone huaxiang road No 66 hebei provice China

    Tel: (0086)0316-2359999-8703

    Fax: (0086)0316-2359627

    3 Fill the testing protocol

    4 Testing fee

    Account name: Langfang plum flower biological technology development co.,ltd.

    Brand: Industrial and commercial bank of China co.,LTD., Langfang development zone branch

    Bank account number: 0410001809300218340

    5 Reports

    Invite: contract our customer service.

    Delivery: domestic express (free).

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    Registered address: Kim Lhasa Tibet autonomous region west road no. 189

    Office address: No.66 Huaxiang Road,Economic and Technical Development Area,Langfang City, Hebei Province 065001, China

    The service hotline: 400-960-0873

    Tel: +86 316-2359999 Fax: +86 316-2359679